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Seth Bykofsky

Meet Seth Bykofsky, a/k/a The College Whisperer™

The College Whisperer™ is Seth Bykofsky. [Or is it the other way around? No matter! :-)]Born on the cusp of a new century (1 B.C.), his mother, Frances, was first runner-up to Miss Alternate Universe, while his father, Irving, served as counsel to the Czars. Orphaned at a tender age by the tragic sinking of the Titantic, Bykofsky was home-schooled until the age of 13, at which time he was summarily expelled. Joining the French Foreign Legion and rising to the exalted rank of Modern Major General, Bykofsky was recruited by the Sorbonne to prepare a handful of exemplary students for graduate study and careers in business, medicine, international relations, the arts and undecided studies. While it is true that virtually all of Bykofsky's students excelled in their coursework and future endeavors, it must be noted that one student in particular, Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec, fell short.Returning to the United States by way of the Mexican border, where he pole vaulted an electrified fence along the Arizona state line for a World Record that still stands today, Bykofsky hitchhiked to California, where he landed an internship in Sushi preparation -- at a Japanese Internment Camp.After the war, Bykofsky trekked through some of the great universities of America -- Stanford, Northwestern, Princeton, Yale, College of the Ozarks -- from which he was quickly escorted and sent on his way. Back on the east coast, Bykofsky gained notoriety as an activist, advocate and sometimes provocateur, often credited with having formed one of the nation's first labor unions -- the IMGWU -- International Mens Garment Worker's Union. It didn't catch on.Settling on Long Island, where his dedication to education has been continuously demonstrated through payment of some of the highest school property taxes in the land, Bykofsky married his childhood sweetheart, the former Joan Silverblatt and the latter day saint, a tax accountant, with whom he raised two beautiful and, dare we say, brilliant daughters, Francyne, a Pyschologist, and Melissa, a journalist.Seth Bykofsky earned a Bachelor's Degree, Soonah Cum Lateh, from Queens College of the City University of New York, and a Juris Doctorate from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University.In addition to advising and mentoring the college-bound, while calming the frayed nerves of moms and dads everywhere, Bykofsky speaks frequently on matters near and dear to prospective college students and their parents. Through college planning workshops, seminars, lectures and private sessions offered through College Connection (The Official Sponsor of College Admission Success™), Bykofsky has helped countless students successfully navigate the road to -- and through -- college. Through the blogosphere, Bykofsky a/k/a The College Whisperer™, brings his passion, aptitude, common sense and funny bone to the masses yearning to apply and be admitted to their college of choice. 

Seth Bykofsky's Background

Seth Bykofsky's Experience

Editor-In-Chief, The Bulletin at Jewish Community Center of West Hempstead

October 2003 - August 2012

A second stint as editor, provocateur, and chief cook and bottle washer (twice removed) over the monthly musings at The Bulletin of the JCC of West Hempstead. Insights into the Jewish community, from the shtetl to far beyond the pale.

Chief Compliance Officer at Somerset Investors Corp.

February 2008 - December 2008

?Global responsibility for oversight, monitoring, and management of corporate compliance, assuring the integrity of procedures and practices within the context of state and federal regulatory schemes; ?Evaluate, measure and test compliance standards across the organization to achieve full adherence to prescribed statutes, rules and regulations, and best practices, while enhancing company performance; ?Oversee licensing and registrations, audits and examinations by state and federal regulators, and investigate possible violations of regulatory requisites, prescribing and implementing corrective measures, as necessary; ?Develop and implement strategies for risk management and loss mitigation associated with lending activities; ?Report, as required, to regulatory agencies, and daily to CEO and Director of Operations.

Co-Founder, Executive Director, Community Advocate at The Community Alliance

June 2001 - June 2008

? Program development and management ? Resource development and stewardship ? Board and volunteer development ? Community outreach, advocacy, and strategic planning

Manager, Quality Assurance & Compliance at Southern Star Mortgage

April 2004 - January 2008

?Direct, train, and supervise a team of auditors to ensure procedures and practices regarding consumer loans are in accord with company guidelines and policies; ?Promulgate and standardize practices and procedures aimed at establishing and maintaining full compliance; ?Design and implement programs, policies, and practices to ensure that all business units are in compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements; ?Track laws and regulations that might affect the organization's policies, integrating as necessary; ?Secure and maintain all required licenses and continuing education practicum; ?Formulate and implement comprehensive fraud prevention program; ?Prepare compliance reports to present to management and regulators; ?Oversee audits and reviews by federal and state regulatory agencies; ?Respond to and remediate consumer complaints and inquiries; ?Prepare and initiate internal testing paradigms, including reverse testing and electronic media stratagems, for effective "zero tolerance" deviation; ?Ensure conformance with BSA/AML, Patriot Act, HMDA, ECOA, TILA, FCRA, FACT, Fair Lending, OFAC regs, and State Banking/Consumer Protection Acts ?Work with COO, CFO, managers and team leaders to assure seamless continuity, nominal risk, and constant oversight, reporting directly to CEO.

Founding Member & Officer, Past President at West Hempstead Civic Association

May 1995 - June 2007

? President, 2000-2002 ? Executive Vice President, 1995-2000 ? Director, West Hempstead Community Chest, 1996-2000 ? Director of Communications & Media Relations, 1995-2007 ? Chair, Zoning Committee, 1995-2005 ? Governmental/Legislative Liaison, 1995-2007 ? Publisher/Editor, weekly online newsletter, 1995-2005 ? Chair, Fundraising & Grant Development, 1995-2007 ? Advisor to Executive Board on issues of governance and compliance

Owner/Director of Counseling Services at College Connection

May 2003

Helping students and their parents successfully navigate the road to college (and pay the tolls along the way). Planning. Guidance. Counseling. Support. College Search & Selection ~ Admission Strategies ~ Application Enhancement ~ Essay Development ~ Scholarship and Financial Aid Sourcing.

The College Whisperer at College Connection

April 2010

You've got college questions. The College Whisperer has college answers! What you need to know, when you need to know it, on college applications, admissions, campus life and financial aid.

Webmaster at Jewish Community Center of West Hempstead

August 2010

Develop, create content and maintain website, Facebook and Twitter site. Responsible for creative and design initiatives.

Community Advocate at West Hempstead, Town of Hempstead, Nassau County, New York, USA

May 1995

Working to build a better, brighter future for our community.

member at Bykofsky/Furman Family


Seth Bykofsky's Education

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University

1978 – 1981


City University of New York-Queens College

1975 – 1978


Concentration: Political Science

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